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CTFGuide needs some information in order to deploy your group.

✨ What is this?

To invite students into your group, they must enter a group code. If the code is shared to another student who isn't in your organization, CTFGuide will prevent them for joining by verifying if their email contains the domain.

That being said, your organization may not have custom email domains. In that case, we suggest going through the invite process in class and disable joining afterwards.

Write a short, brief description about your course. CTFGuide will use AI to suggest lesson content, labs, and more. This field is optional.

Pricing Model

Paid for by Student Most Popular!


per semester

Paid for by Institution


per student, per semester

Paid for by Institution With Payment Link


per student, per semester

Expected amount of students

What time do you expect you'll start to use CTFGuide in the classroom.

✨ Why do we ask for this information?

CTFGuide boasts a swift terminal boot time, but pre-deploying terminals can enhance this speed even further. By obtaining these estimates, we aim to optimize our terminal pools and schedule maintenance more effectively. Rest assured, even if the pool sizes aren't precise, we've allocated a generous buffer. In the rare event of a delay, a student might experience a brief 5-second wait for their terminal to deploy.