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CTFGuide Practice Range

Never run out of practice material.

Access hundreds of challenges, writeups, and dynamic labs to help you improve your skills and prepare for competitions.

Challenge Writeups
Detailed solutions and explanations for various challenges.
Dynamic Labs
Engage with interactive and dynamic lab environments instead of static CTFs.
Share your thoughts and collaborate through comments on each challenge.
See where you stand among peers with our real-time leaderboard.
Share your own write ups
Contribute your own solutions and help the community grow.
Stuck on a problem? Access hints to help guide your solving process.

CTFGuide Education

We're the best platform for teaching cybersecurity.

AI Grader

Labs automatically graded using AI.

We use AI to automatically grade sessions, saving you time and effort.

Submission Playback

Review recorded student lab sessions.

We automatically records lab sessions, so you can review them later.

Virtual Machines

Cloud machines streamed to the browser.

Easily access cloud machines from your browser, no need to install anything.