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A different take on ethical hacking

Our approach puts a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and community engagement, providing a dynamic and supportive environment for you to hone your skills.

Cloud Terminals
Run your cybersecurity tools on the cloud, no need to install anything on your machine.
Practice Problems
Get access to hundreds of challenges uploaded by our community.
Compete in real-time with other hackers from around the world.
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Get AI driven feedback during your sessions

We help identify strengths and weaknesses and determine what can be improved on.


How fast can you solve a problem?


How efficient are your actions in the terminal?


Based on your performance, what should you practice next?

Dynamic Roadmaps

Get a personalized learning roadmap based on your skill level and learning goals.

Perfect for Beginners and Pros Alike

At CTFGuide, our community provides a supportive environment for skills development, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

The diversity of perspectives enriches the learning experience and contributes to CTFGuide's growth and success.

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Level up your classroom with AI enhanced learning.

Converting lost and confused students into cybersecurity pros.

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